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Hillside Health Care International (HHCI) is a faith based, non-denominational, non-profit operation, supported by individual donors and charitable organizations. As we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is fully tax-deductible.

The cost of operating the clinic exceeds $350,000 US annually, and the small fees assessed to program participants cover only a small fraction of operating costs. Operating a free healthcare clinic is an expensive proposition with medications and equipment to be paid for, vehicles, fuel, electricity bills and staff salaries to name a few of the major expenses. We encourage students and volunteers to fundraise for HHCI before and after their in-country experiences. Contact our Director of Development ( for fundraising and supporting materials.

On behalf of the volunteers, students, staff, Board of Directors, and the people of Southern Belize, we thank you for your support of Hillside Health Care International and for your interest in our life-sustaining programs.

Donation Fund Options
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Type of Fund

 What your donation will do:

 General Fund

  • Provide free medical, nursing, pharmacy, and physical therapy services daily to the people of the Toledo District in Southern Belize
  • Help children maintain a healthy smile with toothbrushes and fluoride treatment, dental hygiene education, and tooth brushing techniques
  • Provide a diabetic patient with free medications and education on healthy eating and lifestyle habits to prevent secondary complications
  • Provide Community Outreach Programs to educate local Belizeans about health concerns including cervical cancer and malnourishment
  • Maintenance costs for the outpatient clinic, education center, and rehabilitation clinic; Electricity costs to keep the lights on
  • Transportation costs and maintenance of mobile SUVs used during mobile clinics to rural villages and home visits in the community
  • Support the ongoing and future operations and outreach efforts of Hillside

Rehabilitation Fund

  • Daily Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation visits in the clinic, patient's home, or during mobile clinic to the community
  • Support the goal of developing a sustainable rehabilitation program providing therapy while nurturing Belizean therapy skills and expertise
  • Training and education of our local Belizean Rehabilitation Technicians
  • Support local Belizean craftsmen who make durable medical goods for HHCI patients (crutches, walkers, canes)
  • Provide for the purchase of needed medical equipment that cannot be made in Belize
  • Support to our thriving Community Outreach Program that educates the local community about disease and injury prevention
  • Further development of our Rehabilitation Program and Services in the community

Abby's House Fund

  • Ensure students receive free housing while serving at HHCI
  • Maintain our dormitory that houses students and provides an area for study, meals, sleep, and play
  • Replace needed bedding and mattresses to ensure a good night's sleep
  • Fix and replace kitchen appliances and inventory where our students cook and eat together throughout the week
  • Cover maintenance expenses and cost of laundry and upkeep of the dormitory
  • Provide for electricity and Wi-Fi costs to keep the lights on and allow student communication to family and friends at home
  • Support future expansion of the Abigail Brinkman Memorial Student Dormitory

Student Tuition Loan Fund

  • Provide university training to local Belizeans
  • Support the development of local Belizean leadership and allow for a long term, sustainable administration and staff
  • Continue to support local Belizeans pursuing degrees in the health professions (nursing, pharmacy, etc) so that they can provide quality medical services to their communities 

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If you prefer to send a check or money order, please mail it to:
Hillside Health Care International
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